Sep 3, 2005

Social Skills for Children with ADHD & LD

Children with ADHD and LD tend to have a difficult time learning common social skills. This in turn can result in the child's inability to form lasting friendships with his peers. In my own experience with my son, I've seen this happen and it's heart breaking. It isn't anything that he does intentionally though. He has a hard time knowing when someone is just "kidding" him or when it's actually sarcasm. Therefore, he tends to assume everything that his peers say to him is sarcastic. He takes things literally no matter what. He also can not read facial expressions and tends to invade other people's personal space. This is all related to his having ADHD and LD. There are several resources that I've found that deal specifically with this issue. Also, a few children's books that relate to this problem. Hopefully, you'll find just what you're looking for to help your child somewhere in the following list of websites.

There is also a book written especially for 9 - 12 year olds entitled Jarvis Clutch - Social Spy, by Dr. Melvin Levine. It focuses on making and keeping friends.


  1. I understand it is for ADHD ... could it worth information for ADD too?

  2. I'm a therapist who runs social skills groups with kids. ADD and ADHD are variations of the same thing, both technically called ADHD, even if there is no hyperactivity. (which is what the H is for.) Mel Levine is a wonderful reference, considered the education expert on learning differences for the entire country. Social skills training can be useful for kids with all sorts of diagnoses, as well as kids who just struggle socially.


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