May 21, 2006

Top 10 Toys for children with ADHD

(Excerpt from an Eurek Alert article)

The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio has announced the Top 10 list of toys for children with ADHD. "There is no doubt that children with ADHD have special play needs. Choosing the right toys for them to play with in order to help their growth and development can be a challenge," said Stephanie Oppenheim, child development expert and co-founder of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. "The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio list provides a selection of toys that have been carefully reviewed to specifically meet the needs of children with ADHD."
The 10 toys that the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio has selected as the best toys for children with ADHD are:
  1. Gertie Balls from Small World Toys (Appropriate for preschool, early school years)
  2. Cranium Hullabaloo from Cranium (Appropriate for early - late school years)
  3. Magz-x 106 from Progressive Trading (Appropriate for early - late school years)
  4. Wonderfoam Giant USA Puzzle Map from Chenille Kraft Co. (Late school years)
  5. Letter Factory Game from Leap Frog (Preschool, early school years)
  6. Leap Pad Plus Writing Learning System from Leap Frog (Preschool, early school years)
  7. I Never Forget A Face Memory Game from eeBoo (Preschool, early school years)
  8. Old Century Shut-the-Box from Front Porch Classics (Late school years)
  9. Deluxe Tumble Treehouse and Skycoaster from Maxim Enterprises (Preschool)
  10. Bird Diner Kit from Balitono (Early - late school years)

The links I've posted for each item are just to give you an idea of what each product looks like and a description of each. I'm sure you could purchase these toys at numerous other places online as well. My ADHD child does have number 1, 2 & 6 and enjoys all three. I'm going to look into the other items for him as well.

Here are a few other toys that I have found listed as good for children with ADHD:

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