Jul 25, 2007

Morning Organizational Help for Your ADHD/LD Child

Getting my ADHD/LD son out the door every morning is a challenge. As we're backing out the driveway I run through the list.....Did you get your homework? What about your glasses? Did you remember to take your pill? Inevitably I'd have to stop, pull back into the garage, and wait for him to go get something. I knew there had to be a more reliable and time friendly way to ensure that he had everything he needed for his day at school. I created a list, using visual cues, and attached it to the door that leads out to the garage. Each morning he is to stop, look at the list and note whether he has each item. As I mentioned, I used visual cues since he has problems reading. I easily download free clip art from the internet to use on the list. There are pictures of medicine, books, money, glasses, etc. This makes it super easy for him. For pre-made organizational charts check follow these links:
Family Education also has a wonderful article entitled "Ten Ways to Help Your Child Get Organized." It's definitely worth reading and implementing their easy tips. One last tip from me........ a great way to utilize these charts is to print one off and place it in a clear protective sleeve (the kind you would use in a 3 ring binder). Now you can use it over and over. Just use as dry erase marker to check off what your child has finished. Then, at the end of the day, wipe it off with a little spray cleaner and a paper towel. Good as new and ready for the next day!


  1. Thank you for your helpful list. I am a teacher at a school in Singapore and I don't know how to help this teenage boy in my class. I have been so impatient with him lately that I have started taking everything he does personally - but I do know that he cannot help himself. I am eager to tryout your list.

  2. I'm a parent that has been diagnosed at age 35 with ADD(Attention deficit disorder). I have 2 small children ages 5 and 9. These charts have halped me out with them and myself, so i thank you for these simple tips.


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