Jul 26, 2007

Advocating for your Pre-schooler

In recent posts I have talked about advocating for your ADHD/LD child and diagnosing preschool children with ADHD. I recently came across another article that pertains to both topics. Advocating for Your Preschool Child is an article on the National Center for Learning Disabilities website that discusses advocacy and preschool diagnosis. They also offer a wonderfully informative Parent Advocacy Brief entitled Preschool Services Under IDEA. I only wish I had known about these resources when my ten year old ADHD/LD son was a preschooler. I had no idea what the symptoms of either condition were. And I definitely had no idea there was free help available for him. If you suspect that something is not quite "right" with your preschooler, please take a moment to follow the above links and learn how you can help your child.

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  1. I didn't even know that ADHD was detectable in children that young. It would seem to me that all young children are pretty active.


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