Jun 21, 2008

Free Essay Writing Tool

I know it is summertime and your child is probably not having to write too many essays at this point, but I came across something that I want to share. The Easy Essay is a wonderful online tool that you'll want to bookmark and refer back to once fall rolls around.

The Easy Essay is self-described as an "automated information organization program." Now, that sound confusing to me, so let me use layman's terms to describe how to use this free service:
  • Register & log in to the site (which is free)

  • Answer simple questions about your chosen topic

  • The site organizes the information you type in to avoid redundancy

  • The finished product is a clean, informative essay

You can read the introduction and view a demo on their website. In doing so, you will notice that the questions and answer fields are color coded for accuracy and simplicity. They also provide a tutorial to help you understand how to use their service. You can also view sample essays to help you get the hang of things.

It really is super simple and easy to use. I can see it reducing your child's frustration level drastically when it comes time to write those all important papers for school. Go ahead, take a look!

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