Mar 5, 2009

Slaying the Middle School Dragon for your ADHD Child

In my last story I explained that my ADHD/LD son will be starting middle school this fall. Middle school! I feel like we've just gotten the hang of elementary school.

Starting this fall there will be an entirely new set of worries: changing classes seven times a day, being the new kid on the block, the intimidation factor and socializing with kids in their teens. Then there are the smaller worries... lockers, remembering his combination, learning a whole new routine, making new friends, etc.....

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  1. Hey Shane,
    It been awhile. I am facing High School. We get to meet with the Intervention specialist. This is an expensive parochial High school he has his heart set on attending. This visit made me so much more comfortable with the whole idea. I am looking forward to the fact that assignments (and their requirments will be posted on line. Part of the high tuition goes toward a laptop for each student. About 50% of the textbooks are on-line. As long as my son transfers his assignments onto his personal calendar, I think he'll do well. Our last homework crisis was due to the fact he did not remember what all the assignemtn involved. And it had not been written down. I decided that a good IEP entry woudl be that "The requirements for all long-term assignments will be issues in a written form." Of course he could lose the paper, but more likely it would get lost in his backpack but retrievable. Maggie


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