Jul 27, 2007

Vacation Time

My family and I are off for a week of rest and relaxation at the beach. In the mean time, here are a few posts from my achieves. I should be back and have a new post up by Aug. 10th. I'll "see" you then!

Oh, wait.......... is there a particular subject matter that you would like to see addressed on this blog? If yes, please let me know. I would be more than happy to do a little research and post about my findings. Just leave me a note in the "comments section" below. Thanks for reading and come back in two weeks. :)

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  1. My son, age 9, diagnosed w/ adhd, dyslexia, some other minor issues, but overall is on high end of avg. intelligence, teachers & adults often comment he is very bright, etc. He has been working with a Wilson trained tutor for a year (she also uses other multisensory techniques.) Reading coming along fine...Spelling is absolutely horrible. For example, he still cannnot spell "was". He is one grade above in reading but Kindergarten in spelling. The other perplexing problem is his expressive language. Difficulty getting a story out in class, starts, stops, gets lost in middle. (Happens in other situations but sometimes does better than others). He is social in that he wants to be with people (and before he was on Concerta 54mg he almost could NOT be by himself) However, he often does not respond to others saying hello or asking how he is doing. Now, this is not like an autistic/aspergers, it is just no response. He will and always had asked to join other kids games at the park, he has many kids at school who say "goodbye, Aiden", (but he just looks at them & doesn't say goodbye). It is kind of wierd that he seems to be liked well but I do not see him saying hi & bye. I could elaborate more on this but just to say tutor & speech path at school are completely perplexed. oh, Dr. for adhd says the expressive lang. is not from adhd because it has been consistent before and after treatment/all other adhd symptoms treated well.

    Any imput would be great--posting on your blog or here is my email if you need.


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